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So it's been a while since I've posted here, and that's because I got bored with it and then moved to Facebook where I've been posting for a while. I don't write as many long posts because I just don't have the wherewithal to do it, and the news is far too depressing these days. Two years ago I was a news junkie; however, today just watching the Daily Show makes me want to kill myself.

Dems to disgrace the fuck out of the late Ted Kennedy, and forever tarnish his legacy

The "Edward M. Kennedy Healthcare Reform for America Act of 2010" will have no Public Option (nor the lame "co-op"), and it will do nothing other than give 100 billion taxpayer dollars over 5 to 10 years to the health insurance companies (in exchange for their unenforceable promise to be a little nicer to people... if they feel like it every now and then).

Let's put it this way: the day after the Edward M. Kennedy Healthcare Reform for America Act of 2010 passes, stock in United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Aetna will go up 15%-20% each.

Despite that, the Republicans will STILL be opposed to the bill. They have no choice - they whipped their redneck followers into such a frenzy that it would be political suicide for any of them to vote for it. Especially if the bill is named after Ted Kennedy (that alone means it MUST be "liberal" and acceptable to "liberals"). And it most certainly will be acceptable to liberals. It's named after Ted Kennedy and the Republicans voted against it, so it MUST be good! Never mind what it actually does. Liberals will proudly note that when the Kennedy healthcare reform bill was passed, the DOW went up 400 points the same day, with the largest gains being the health insurance companies! And the Republicans said healthcare reform would be bad for the insurance companies. Hah!

I'm now opposed to healthcare reform because we need to kill off as many Americans as we can. People here are simply too stupid to be allowed to continue living. It's a great thing when Americans are dying at home because they couldn't afford or receive healthcare, because they will be happy that they fought for the "choice" of having no choice, proud that they defended their freedom from a Muslim, Kenyan-born Presi-nigger, and confident that their health insurance company - which denied their medical claims - knew more about medicine and what medical treatment they needed than their own doctors did.

The corollary to my belief that "people get the government they deserve" is that people treat themselves the way they deserve to be treated. Fuck us. Fuck us to death. Fuck us so it hurts, and then fuck us even harder.

Tough Shit.

Since when is there a cost/benefit analysis to enforcing the law? All these Republicans like Joe Lieberman are blabbing about how investigating violations of the law under the Bush Administration will be "detrimental to the country" and will "let the terrorists win" and "hurt morale at the CIA" among other things. Even if those things are true - so what? Since when is there a "crying CIA agent" exception to the law? Anything that gives right-wingers an excuse to repeat their 9-11 chant over and over again is detrimental to the country. So what? The law is either violated or it isn't. Convenience and cost/benefit have absolutely nothing to do with law enforcement. The right-wingers have no problem enforcing the law at all costs, no matter the circumstances, no matter how expensive or inconvenient, no matter how intrusive or abusive. They say people MUST be prosecuted under federal law for being drug kingpins even when it's undisputed that they were merely giving away marijuana to people with legitimate physicians' prescriptions in accordance with state medical marijuana/compassionate use laws.

But suddenly, when the government (more specifically Repubulican agents of the government) is the potential defendant, there is a cost-benefit analysis that must be done prior to initiating a criminal investigation, let alone before bringing formal criminal charges? It is ALWAYS inconvenient and disruptive (due to politics) to have an independent investigation of government agents or politicians. And it's always expensive. And the target of the investigation is always going to have their morale hurt. SO WHAT? Either they broke the law or they didn't. While I firmly believe in prosecutorial discretion, there is no cost-benefit analysis that must be done prior to bringing legitimate criminal charges. And certainly not prior to simply initiating a criminal investigation to see if charges are appropriate - one doesn't even know what the charges would be until an adequate investigation can take place. These people are ridiculous.

Of course, the notion that AG Eric Holder is actually going to allow a meaningful investigation into torture abuses to take place is also ridiculous. Nobody will be charged with any crimes, and that will be more damaging to our country's already ruined reputation than anything else. By bringing no charges, everyone is essentially forgiven, their actions ratified and formally approved with an official stamp of legality. Holder has said he doesn't want to investigate "anyone who was following the rules." Isn't that axiomatic? Wouldn't you only look for people who were not following the rules? We already know our laws against torture were violated, so when no charges are brought, the investigation was therefore fundamentally flawed from the outset. It would be better for Obama to simply PARDON the entire Bush Administration. At least that way the issue is over with and all the people who did commit crimes are given a stamp of guilt.

Bottom line - we cannot move "forward until" we look back and take responsibility for our actions, and hold those people who violated our laws responsible. Since when are law and order right-wing types against holding people responsible for their crimes? Oh yeah... when the victims are non-Christian terrorists.


So it looks like "change" means nothing more than getting a president who placates and gives in to the opposing, minority party.

At this point I've concluded that President Obama is either a complete fool who has reached the pinnacle of of incompetence, or he is secretly in the pocket of the health insurance companies. He doesn't come across as a fool.

By taking Single Payer off the table before his healthcare reform initiative even began, and by constantly insisting on "working with" Republicans who have no intention of working with him, Obama either never intended to get meaningful healthcare reform passed or he is the most clueless, incompetent, idiotic politician to ever hold public office.

There is no such thing as effective healthcare reform that does not harm, if not completely destroy, the health insurance companies. Obama insisted on preserving the H.I. companies from the outset, and has had only nice things to say about them. He's played into this ridiculous notion that people out there "like their health insurance" and that health insurance companies are the way we do it now, so this "existing framework" should be how we do it with any reform we ultimately adopt. It's broken, so we can't get a new working system, we have to try to work with the broken system we have. No reasonable, intelligent person who is serious about passing healthcare reform would take such positions or make such statements. As such, the only rational conclusions are that Obama is unreasonable and stupid, or that he doesn't really want to pass healthcare reform. My money is on the latter.

Cops frame driver

If only people understood that this happens at least 10,000 times per day across America. I'd estimate that every American cop tells an incriminating lie (a lie to incriminate someone else, that is) at least twice per shift. Why? Because they Know they're the "good guys" and they Know they're doing the right thing to put away "scumbag bad guys" and they Know they're "protecting the children" with each untrue statement, which always justifies their actions. Oh, and they know that unless (like the cops in this article) they are stupid enough to leave their radio on so their fabrications get recorded, and don't take steps to delete the recording, there is absolutely no way that they'll ever get caught. That's because when it's their word versus the word of a suspect they've arrested, they will always win. Because they're cops.

I don't particularly blame them, nearly humans would do the exact same thing if they were given a license to lie about others, screw with other people, and protect themselves at all costs. You might say "I'd never do that" but yeah, you would. But keep this in mind next time a defendant says "he's lying" and the cop says "oh I'd never do that, what reason do I have to lie, I'm a cop!"

2010 Census - An evil plot by Obama (get ready for it)

Hitler counted people, too!
- Glen Beck, FOX News Channel, April 2010

While they pretend to love the Constitution, the fact that it requires the federal government to conduct a census every ten years will be completely lost on the right wing extremists who so desperately "want their country back" from having a black president. So, come next year when the government begins counting Americans, seeing how many family members are in each household, etcetera, expect the Census to become a huge subject of protest by the right-wing extremists and racists.

They'll claim that the Census is Obama's socialist plot to send federal investigators from his big federal government into their homes to violate their privacy, to count how many pregnant women there are so the government can set aside sufficient funds for mandatory abortions, to count how many guns every American owns so Obama will know how many guns there are to take away, to compile detention lists for (imaginary) FEMA internment camps, and snoop around the homes of every American to copy their computer files and search their bedrooms, to know how many taxpayer dollars to give to ACORN, and of course to count illegal immigrants and make them full U.S. citizens. Glen Beck (the dumbest, most fact-adverse of the right-wing muckrakers) will go so far as to assert the Third Amendment is being violated by Obama sending "federal soldiers" to the homes of American citizens. The 2010 census will be the first time Sarah Palin ever hears about the federal decennial census. She'll be convinced that it is an unprecedented power grab by Obama... Obama's "Chicago Politics" in action, and that it has nothing to do with the Constitution (and the media will happily give her a national voice to express these clearly false idiocies). They'll all call the 2010 Census socialist, Nazi, Hitler, Soviet, communist, fascist, etc. They'll scream about their privacy, even though they're the same people who have been arguing against the existence of a right to privacy ever since Roe v. Wade.

And while they protest the census as being some evil plot created by Obama, they will contemporaneously come up with complaints about how the census should be conducted! For example, they'll scream, complain, and burn Obama in effigy because Glen Beck will tell them that the census is recognizing gay marriage. It doesn't matter if it's true or not (though it would make perfect sense to count as a "family" or "household" a legally married homosexual couple from a state that allows gay marriage). They'll demand the census be conducted as they want it, so as to violate the rights of homosexuals. And while there are certainly valid arguments against counting illegal immigrants in the census (as their numbers are used to apportion electoral votes and congressional representation), it's been done this way for a long time and is by no means a plot by Obama. It can only work to add to a state's population (and thus more congressional representation and electoral votes), so for census purposes... the more illegal immigrants a state has, the better.

What really bothers me is that this glimpse of our pending future is crystal clear to me, yet the Obama Administration will do absolutely nothing to prepare for it, or to make any effort at nipping it in the bud. Doing so would be simple - they could get statements, on the record in front of a video camera, from every elected Republican giving their thoughts about why the census is important to their home state (they'll give normal politician-style answers). This should be done before hacks like Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Palin, and Beck have decreed the census to be a big government scheme created by Obama to violate the privacy of the American people. Once these unelected leaders of the Republican Party contend the census is bad and must be stopped, none of the elected Republicans will be allowed to say rational things about the census any longer... all the elected Republicans in Congress will have no choice but to join in the attack, trying to stop the "ObamaCount Hitler Census" and its resultant rape of the American people. The key is to try to get elected Republicans to speak on the "rational record" before they are beholden to Rush Limbaugh's talking points.

Another thing Obama could do would be to decide not to count illegal aliens in the census "because it would legitimize their unlawful entry into this country." This would, on the surface, please the xenophobic radical right - they always take offense at illegal aliens being counted in the first place and they will surely complain about it when the census ultimately does count illegal aliens. But southern states have more illegal aliens than northern states, so not counting illegals would mean less representation in Congress and fewer electoral votes for the South. That's a good thing as far as I'm concerned. Who'd have a problem with that? Oh yeah, the southern states. But Obama should force the southern states and their southern right-wing leaders to look hypocritical and demand that the federal government count and include illegal aliens in the census.

Even better, Obama could offer to exclude anyone, or any state, from the census who doesn't want to participate (but if they're not counted, then they're not counted). There's nothing wrong with letting right-wing radical retards deny themselves representation in Congress, electoral votes, and federal funding for state programs. When Rick Perry threatens to have Texas secede from the Union over the "ObamaCount" Census, just tell him that the federal government will happily accommodate the whims of Texas and no federal census workers will show up in the state - Texas can be completely excluded from the Census if it wants to (and it can secede from the union). That way, either Perry will have to backtrack or Texas will have any growth in its population over the previous ten years excluded from the Census. That's called a win-win.

Unfortunately, Obama won't do anything about this, and will just let the radical hypocrites pile on the attacks, calling him a Nazi, a nigger, and everything in between, merely because the federal government is required to conduct another decennial census. I'd rather not have to see the "ObamaCount" issue play itself out at Fox News teaparties and town brawl meetings. I'm bored by it already, and if you read this then you probably are too.


Because they love "bipartisanship" so much, the weak and insecure congressional Democrats allowed the Republicans add a section to the healthcare bill that reimburses doctors for discussing end of life issues (living wills, DNRs, durable powers of attorney, etc.) with their patients. Not an unreasonable thing to add, I suppose. Paying doctors to have this talk will ensure that more people get this information and make these important decisions.

But for some irrational reason, despite all evidence to the contrary, the Democrats assumed the Republicans made this proposal in good faith. Now that they got that section in the healthcare bill, the Republicans are going around yelling and screaming about how this provision sets up "Death Panels" to execute senior citizens deemed unworthy to live by the nigger-president, that it's Obama's system for mandatory, government-sanctioned euthanasia, and how this provision is just like what Hitler did with eugenics (they know that's not true because most of these people, if you ask them about it in private, will admit that they admire Hitler and want a lot more of what Hitler did in our public policy).

When an interviewer told Newt Gingrich that the healthcare bill says nothing about euthanasia, eugenics, or "death panels", Newt's response was merely "well, the bill is 1100 pages long, who knows what's in there!" By that logic, the bill could contain a provision making Christianity the official religion of America, banning black people from public office, and giving everyone a huge tax cut who takes an oath to obey Jesus Christ, their Lord and Savior. Yeah that's not in there either, but who knows, the bill is 1100 pages long! So, why oppose it when something you want might end up in there....

It's bad enough that they're lying about what's in the bill, but their foundation for the lie is the provision that THEY THEMSELVES PUT IN IT! If the Democrats would stand up for themselves, quit being so weak, and stop letting legislative terrorists plant timebombs in their bills, this would not have happened. It is a given that ZERO Republicans will vote for the healthcare bill, regardless of its final form. Fortunately, ZERO Republican votes are needed to pass it. So why are the Democrats letting Republicans sabotage the bill from the sidelines? Since they have no intention of voting for the healthcare bill and are clearly against it, isn't it logical that any modifications they propose are made in bad faith, meant solely to sabotage the law's passage? Of course it is. Scaring people about what the law says and does is their only weapon, and by giving them the ability to add their own sections to it or change around the wording, the Democrats are in effect giving the health insurance companies the means of ensuring the law doesn't get passed. The Democrats are so fucking dumb they probably think that Republicans won't complain about sections that Republicans themselves added to the bill. Under what rock on what planet have the Democrats been living for the past 8 years? This is blatant sabotage, and the Democrats are giving Republicans not only the means, but the permission to conduct their sabotage.

Laser Weapons are Worthless (get a mirror)

I was reading some article about new laser weapons that we're currently spending billions of dollars developing. They even have a plan to launch a series of satellites with huge mirrors to deflect the laser beam anywhere around the planet - otherwise lasers can only travel in a straight line. They have systems already in place that can shoot down a missile or ICBM - or even a small aircraft - with a targeted high-energy laser beam.

But it seems to me these systems are completely worthless because of an extremely easy countermeasure - one that none of the articles discusses. What's the one thing that a laser can't hit? Hint: they plan to use them to bounce the laser beams around the earth. If you want to laser-proof your ballistic missile, simply give it a nice, shiny chrome mirror finish (and don't forget to take off the price tag and any other stickers). The laser beam will hit the target and harmlessly reflect off of it.

The same goes for body armor and Star Wars laser-blasters. I always thought it would make more sense for the Stormtroopers' uniforms to be mirrored instead of white, so as to make them impervious to the laser beams fired by the whiny Rebels. Since we know Stormtroopers can't shoot worth a shit, at least give them a good defense by making their uniforms mirrored on all sides. One might get lucky and reflect an enemy's laser beam right back at the enemy (who may or may not be wearing a protective mirror suit).

But it's the hundreds of billions of dollars we're wasting on targeted laser weapons to shoot down missiles that concerns me. Surely North Korea will be smart enough to pay the extra fifty bucks for the high-gloss mirror finish on its Dong-Dong missiles. So all the money we've wasted on developing worthless lasers could have been spent on something worthwhile, like eradicating religion or funding a single payer healthcare plan.

Here's another thought... I can't be the only one to have thought about laserproofing weapons/vehicles with simple mirror finishes. Surely someone smarter than me who is developing these powerful lasers must have thought of this. So, that means they knew that they were developing a worthless defense system. It's bad enough to waste taxpayers' dollars on something that you know doesn't work. But it's even worse to implement a flawed system and have us rely on it for national defense. We Americans love to pay a lot of money for a false sense of safety, but there is always a plausible, articulable basis for that false sense of safety. But if we know terrorists can get on an airplane without having to go through the TSA strip-search gauntlet, we'd feel pretty stupid about spending the time, money, and embarrassment of going through it ourselves.

A Quick "Birther" Thought

Can we agree that the whole purpose of the Constitution's requirement (Article II, Section 1) that the President be a natural-born American citizen is that the Framers were concerned that someone born in another country (say, England) would feel an allegiance to that country and would be unable to be completely, 100% devoted to the interests of the United States? If you read the writings of the framers, the Federalist papers, etc, that is the reason why they required the president be a natural born american citizen. A mere naturalized american citizen was not good enough.

So I find it interesting that the "birthers" - who all supported John McCain in the last election - had no problem with the fact that McCain was a born in Panama. Yes, the Panama "Canal Zone" was, by virtue of a federal statute, considered American territory when John McCain was born, such that American citizens who gave birth there could legally claim their child as a natural-born American citizen. But the Canal Zone was not, and has never been one of the 50 states - it was not true American soil. Rather, it was foreign Panamanian soil, wholly immersed in Panamanian language, culture, religion, and dance. To be sure, little Johnny McCain Junior was exposed to Panamanian culture as a child. He played soccer (el futbol) with other little brown furriner children. Only by virtue of the "Canal Zone Loophole" is John McCain, with his natural-born loyalty to Panama and its brown-skinned, soccer-loving Panamexicans, able to be legally considered a natural-born American Citizen.

Thankfully, we closed the Canal Zone Loophole a long time ago.

So why do the racist "birthers" have no problem with John "Panamexican" McCain? According to the evidence, McCain is much more of a foreigner than Obama, even though the evidence indicates that they're both natural-born US Citizens. It's bad enough that McCain is a feeble coward who caved in to the North Vietnamese communists and spoke out against America during the Vietnam War, giving aid and comfort to the enemy. If he were a Democrat, he'd be unable to win an election for the local school board. But since he's a Republican he's a "war hero."

Why the irrational double-standard? They protest Obama, despite unequivocal evidence that he's been a loyal American citizen for his entire life, while they proudly support an America-hating traitor born in Panama who was only able to run for President due to the Canal Zone Loophole - a legal technicality that has long been abolished. I think the answer is clear - these "birthers" would rather have a white foreigner-traitor than a black American patriot as President.

Healthcare Hypocrisy

Even if it were true that government-run healthcare would "kill old people" by denying them benefits, why is it okay for privately-run healthcare companies to "kill old people" by denying them benefits (assuming denied benefits that result in death equates to intentional killing)? It happens every day. I'd rather the government decide whether to deny my healthcare benefits than a public, for-profit corporation which has a conflict of interest any time a claim is made. Paying any benefit is a loss to the company, while the government is not run for-profit and doesn't have to answer to shareholders. The government only answers to the voters, which care about many factors -- and carrying a huge deficit has never been one of them.

Hypocritically, the same people opposing healthcare reform already support the death penalty, i.e. government-sanctioned killing.

While no version of the healthcare reform bill has included anything about limiting care to the elderly (as if AARP, one of the most powerful lobbyist groups, would ever allow such a thing), we really do need to have that discussion. And we need to have the discussion without "pro-life" people being allowed to claim a moral high ground. Nobody WANTS old people to die, let alone to actively murder them. But something like 80% plus of healthcare costs are for "end of life" care. Giving 90 year olds new body parts, $30,000 a month in prescription medicines, etc. Other countries (yes, in Europe, boogedy-boo!) have been able to have a rational discussion about taking steps to limit these costs, and America should be able to have a rational conversation about that as well. Of course, rational means not letting religious people talk. Baby Jesus doesn't want to kill off the elderly any more than Baby Lenin. It's not about WANTING to kill off old people, but merely coming to the logical conclusion that there comes a point in someone's life where it is both an undue burden on society to pay for their healthcare and extremely selfish for the elderly recipient to accept expensive healthcare. If I were 88, I would not feel right about having the taxpayers pay for an expensive medical procedure for me.

But then there's the common and too-often convincing argument of "well what about your family"? Am I the only person who can put the good of my country before myself? No, I don't want my grandfather to die, but if he was 90 years old, I would understand if a healthcare system (public or private) decided it was improper and imprudent to pay for a $325,000 surgical procedure. Whether the costs are borne by the taxpayers or from other people's monthly premiums, to spend 80% of the payouts on people 75 years old and over is simply irresponsible and wasteful.

But in America, unlike every other country in the world, we can't have this conversation without religious idiots going around saying limiting elderly care is "wanting to kill old people" to take an artificial moral high ground (as they support the death penalty by protest outside prisons with "GOOD RIDDANCE! EXECUTE HIM!" signs and as they protest Obama because he's black).

Why can't the Democrats fight back as hard as the religious wackjobs do? Why is there no commercial on TV about stopping "corporate-sanctioned killing of Americans" (i.e. healthcare companies denying necessary medical treatments to people of all ages)? Where's that commercial? Where's a commercial showing pictures of the "teabaggers" with their "NO NIGGER PRESIDENT!" signs, along with snippets from interviews of the teabaggers saying things like "Ahh jest ain't gonna have no nigga presdent tellin' me what to do!" (such clips exist, I've seen them, but it would be okay to use an actor - that's what the right-wingers do in their commercials).