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Dems to disgrace the fuck out of the late Ted Kennedy, and forever tarnish his legacy - Bullshit, Hypocrisy, & Stupidity -- A Study of Social Acceptance

About Dems to disgrace the fuck out of the late Ted Kennedy, and forever tarnish his legacy

Previous Entry Dems to disgrace the fuck out of the late Ted Kennedy, and forever tarnish his legacy Aug. 27th, 2009 @ 04:26 pm Next Entry
The "Edward M. Kennedy Healthcare Reform for America Act of 2010" will have no Public Option (nor the lame "co-op"), and it will do nothing other than give 100 billion taxpayer dollars over 5 to 10 years to the health insurance companies (in exchange for their unenforceable promise to be a little nicer to people... if they feel like it every now and then).

Let's put it this way: the day after the Edward M. Kennedy Healthcare Reform for America Act of 2010 passes, stock in United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Aetna will go up 15%-20% each.

Despite that, the Republicans will STILL be opposed to the bill. They have no choice - they whipped their redneck followers into such a frenzy that it would be political suicide for any of them to vote for it. Especially if the bill is named after Ted Kennedy (that alone means it MUST be "liberal" and acceptable to "liberals"). And it most certainly will be acceptable to liberals. It's named after Ted Kennedy and the Republicans voted against it, so it MUST be good! Never mind what it actually does. Liberals will proudly note that when the Kennedy healthcare reform bill was passed, the DOW went up 400 points the same day, with the largest gains being the health insurance companies! And the Republicans said healthcare reform would be bad for the insurance companies. Hah!

I'm now opposed to healthcare reform because we need to kill off as many Americans as we can. People here are simply too stupid to be allowed to continue living. It's a great thing when Americans are dying at home because they couldn't afford or receive healthcare, because they will be happy that they fought for the "choice" of having no choice, proud that they defended their freedom from a Muslim, Kenyan-born Presi-nigger, and confident that their health insurance company - which denied their medical claims - knew more about medicine and what medical treatment they needed than their own doctors did.

The corollary to my belief that "people get the government they deserve" is that people treat themselves the way they deserve to be treated. Fuck us. Fuck us to death. Fuck us so it hurts, and then fuck us even harder.
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