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Renaming the Political Parties - Bullshit, Hypocrisy, & Stupidity -- A Study of Social Acceptance

About Renaming the Political Parties

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As a publicity stunt and a childish way to make themselves feel better about their status as complete losers, the Republican National Committee wants to pass the following resolution:

RESOLVED, that we the members of the Republican National Committee call on the Democratic Party to be truthful and honest with the American people by acknowledging that they have evolved from a party of tax and spend to a party of tax and nationalize and, therefore, should agree to rename themselves the Democrat Socialist Party.

It's no news that Republicans have no clue what the words socialist, communist, and fascist actually mean. But I think the Democrats should do the same thing, but they should be more clever about it.

What is called the "Republican Party" or "GOP" today in the year 2009 is nothing like the real Republican Party that supported small government, individual freedom, and personal liberty. That Republican Party is dead. It was suffering for many years, and it finally kicked the bucket last November.

The first mortal wound to the Republican party was selling out to the Southern Dixiecrat racists after Democrat LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act. When ignorant right-wing racists are your constituents, you have to cater to them. What was once the "Party of Abe Lincoln" turned into the "Party of Jefferson Davis."

The second death blow to the party was made by Nixon when he initiated the "War on Drugs" - no single policy has increased the power of government while simultaneously decreasing freedom, personal rights, and individual liberty moreso than enforcing drug prohibition.

Once the Christo-fascist Jesusfreaks violently hijacked the Republican party in the mid-1980s, it was on its last legs and its days were numbered. Bush finally killed it. The GOP officially died on election day, 2008, with the election of Obama and the total repudiation of everything the "Republican Party" now supports (e.g. tax cheats, bigotry, torture, and abolishing the First Amendment's Establishment Clause).

Since the Republican Party is dead, it is fundamentally misleading, bording on fraudulent, for the small, fringe group of pro-torture Christians to use the once-proud Republican name to describe themselves. For the past few years, I've been calling this group the "Republican-Christian Party" (among other, more colorful names). The Democratic National Committee should pass a similar "we say you should change your name" resolution. But instead of recommending something like "Republican-Fascist" or some other name that, while accurate, would never be politically viable, I think the Democrats should adopt my name - Republican-Christian Party. They can pass a resolution calling on the "Republicans" to change their name to the Republican-Christian Party, but they should also take it upon themselves to use that moniker in their own discourse. Instead of talking about Republicans, talk about Republican-Christians.

Would the Republican-Christians take offense? I bet a lot of them would be proud of that name and would feel it was complimentary. They're certainly not going to take offense at being called Christian. It will put them in an interesting dilemma - accept a name given by their opponents, or protest a name that they'd never claim does not describe who they are.

I like the name because it shows that religion (Jesus) is their main priority, and because it shows they are a party of exclusion. If you're not a Christian then you're not welcome. Moreover, aside from being in favor of tax fraud and defending tax cheats, everything in their party's platform - everything they stand for - is based solely on theology.
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Date:August 25th, 2009 08:21 am (UTC)

Speaking of ignorance...

Not sure that you know what fascism is, either.
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