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Bush has been the most stingy president when it comes to granting pardons. But in the final hours of his presidency, how many of the criminals in his administration will he pardon? I think he will surely give Scooter Libby a full pardon (the commutation of his sentence wasn't enough of an injustice - Scooter needs to have a clean record so he can get his law license reinstated).

I would not be surprised if Bush gives last-minute preemptive, all-inclusive pardons to all the major players in his administration - Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Gonzales, etc. You know, to "stop the vindictive, bitter democrats from having a political witch-hunt against these honest public servants merely because they used all the necessary 'tools' [Republican speak for torture] to fight the war on terror and protect the American people at home and abroad."

There will be controversial last-minute pardons, you can bet on it. The Republicans will uniformly support them, while contemporaneously whining about Eric Holder's at his Senate confirmation hearing because President Clinton pardoned Marc Rich... which is somehow Holder's fault.

Of course, I've said that I support Obama granting pardons to Bush and his fellow criminal conspirators. But there's a big difference in Obama doing it, labeling Bush et al. as criminals, and Bush doing it, labeling it as a preemptive protection from democrats who want to victimize them with wrongful prosecutions.
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