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Previous Entry Why should anyone listen to what Republicans have to say? Jan. 18th, 2009 @ 08:38 pm Next Entry
They shouldn't. Just ignore them. The Republicans have ruled this country for 8 years and they've practically destroyed it. They've ruined our reputation, they've ruined our economy, and they've made those who hate us not only hate us even more, but with more concrete, articulable reasons for such hatred.

Republicans do not get to talk now. They've had their chance, they blew it, their opinions mean absolutely nothing. They should shut up, and stay shut up. They should crawl into their closets and pray to their imaginary gods. QUIETLY, and by themselves.

Meanwhile, the press should not be giving them any attention. "Republicans Question Obama Plan" is a headline we should not see for the next 4 years. They don't deserve the ink, and their opinions are worth less than nothing. If you're going to report what Republicans think, then you may as well report on what the Raelian Cloning Cult thinks, too, because they're both on the same level of relevancy. Actually, the Raelians have not run America into the sewer for the past 8 years, so their opinion is less meaningless than that of the Republicans. But both are irrelevant religious cults, neither of which deserves a voice in modern 21st century policy-making.

Fox News is the Ministry of Propaganda for the Republican Party, so we can expect them to keep spouting Republican spin and lies. But CNN should know better. I see CNN has this commentary piece about "Big Risk in Obama's Stimulus Plan" written by the Republican Whip. CNN should know better than to give the same crazy, idiot, religious nutcase terrorists that destroyed our Constitution, economy, and worldwide reputation space on its website for their "opinions." Republicans have no right to have their opinions displayed on any legitimate news source. They have their own right-wing Christian forums for this sort of thing.

I'm sorry, but you don't get to run the country into the ground for 8 years leaving it in utter shambles, get voted out of power in a landslide, and then get your negative and baseless opinions about the new administration shown on equal terms as though they carry equal weight. Republicans should be seen, and not heard. And that's only because we can't make them disappear. But if they have any self-dignity, if they have any respect for the American people who voted them out of office, if they have any respect for the people whose lives they ruined, if they have any love for this country, they will SHUT THE FUCK UP and let Obama try to fix their mess completely unobstructed. Republicans can talk, sure... but they have no right to have their words printed/broadcast on the mainstream media. And quite frankly, I think you lose your First Amendment right to speak when you've done nothing but destroy America. It's the same argument Republicans use for anti-flagburning laws. If you hate America then you should not get to enjoy its freedoms. Of course I don't agree with that argument, but I do agree with ideological estoppel. You should be bound by the terms of your own ideology. In other words, there is no constitutional right to be a big fat hypocrite.

News reporting does not mean "both sides" get to speak. When you interview a civil rights leader, that doesn't mean you also have to interview a Nazi. When you interview a Democrat, that doesn't mean you also have to interview a Republican. That's not reporting, that's polemics. The news should not be reporting any Republican positions until the Democrats have shown their own positions are a failure. Then the Republicans may earn the right to be heard from again. But that's at least 10 years down the line.
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Date:January 21st, 2009 07:06 pm (UTC)

Whoa there skippy.

Im a republican, a Constitutional Republican, and for the last 8 years Bush most certainly did not do what I or any of my conservative friends would have liked. He screwed up ALOT, but at least I know WHO screwed up, when and where. It seems you guys take absolutely no blame for absolutely anything. Its amazing seeing Obama sworn in, people crying, falling down, praising him like a God all day. Never happened with Bush. We dont worship our leaders like you guys do. Agh, makes me sick. Don't be so quick to slap a label on everyone, it just makes me more likely to slap one back on you guys. Now isn't That childish. But who cares right? Everything you needed to know you learned in 5th grade.
Date:January 21st, 2009 10:56 pm (UTC)

Re: Whoa there skippy.

Did you vote for him the second time around? Everyone gets a pass, though somewhat unwarranted in hindsight, for voting for Bush's first term. Gore was a horrible candidate, and although Bush sounded like a moron and couldn't put a sentence together, he seemed like the lesser of the two evils. 20/20 hindsight (actually, 20/200 hindsight) shows that was inaccurate. But you voted for him the first time and called yourself a Republican? Not going to hold it against you.

But by the time his first term was over, it was clear to all reasonable people that Bush was incompetent, irrational, a true religious nut rather than just a politician giving lip service to the True Believers, and a incapable decision-maker surrounded by a coven of highly-dangerous influencers. If Bush were the CEO of any company he would have been fired. Kerry was an uninspiring, dull candidate, but if you did not vote for him and instead helped to give Bush a second term, you are partly responsible for the dire condition our country now finds itself - and I don't just mean the economy.

I don't know what "Constitutional Republican" means - all Republicans think and claim that they follow the Constitution. Bush showed his utter contempt for the Constitution and the central idea contained within it - limited, expressly enumerated powers and the clear searation thereof between the branches of government. A vote for Bush in 2004 was an act of terrorism against the Constitution. Nobody gets to have voted for Bush's second term and say they value and respect the U.S. Constitution.

Now, I agree with you that the leader-worship of Obama in general, and displayed yesterday at the inaururation in particular, with the crying and flopping and yipping and convulsing, is objectively pathetic. But "republicans don't worship their leaders like that"? No, not quite like that, but you certainly do - just in different ways. Republicans are absolutely obsessed with, have homosexual fantasies of, and talk about Reagan like they talk about Jesus. They don't cry and faint, because Republicans don't elect their leaders for inspiration, they elect their leaders for lower taxes. Republicans vote to save themselves money. It's practical, and I'm the first to say Americans are grossly overtaxed, but there's nothing inspiring about it.

I used to be a Republican. I supported Regan and Bush Sr. I even voted for Dubya for governor here in Texas (I'm ashamed to say it in retrospect). But the Republican party of Barry "Mr. Conservative" Goldwater has been hijacked by the very people he despised - the religious nuts. They are obsessed with forcing Christian Law on the country while engaging in "Christian Jihad" - otherwise known as Crusade. They know nothing about economics, they will spend far more taxpayer money than the most liberal of liberals (but they won't raise taxes to offset such spending... again, because they know nothing about economics), and they have complete and utter disdain for the Constitution while knowing absolutely nothing about the brave, brilliant men who wrote it. They've read the Book of Revelations, but not the Federalist Papers.

If you're a "real" Republican, your party abandoned you back in the early 90's, during Clinton's first term. It's no longer the Republican party and it's a clear danger to America - far more dangerous than Al Queda because of its proximity to and infiltration of our government. So why are you still a Republican? The Libertarian party is the closest thing to the GOP of Reagan, but that's not a viable party as we all know. The bottom line is that Dennis Kucinich - and certainly Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama - are far to the right of Barry Goldwater on every issue you can name. And Goldwater was seen as a right-wing extremist in his day!

Anyone who sicks with political party because of nothing more than its name is the epitome of the type of person who should shut up, and stay quiet. Such people should be neither seen nor heard.
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